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 Where do I provide medical information for my daughter/son?

Medical information is a required part of online registration. Please make sure you complete this section of the registration process in its entirety. All campers must have completed medical information on file in order to participate in any camp activities.

 What happens if my daughter does not have her medical forms turned in?

The Julie Torbett Volleyball Camp must have all medical forms on file before your daughter or son can participate in camp, no exceptions. This is an East Carolina University mandate, not just a camp policy, and your cooperation is appreciated.

 What if my child has a medical condition that he/she needs attention for?

All medical conditions need to be reported in detail to the certified trainer upon check-in.

 Beyond the initial medical questions during registration, is there any other medical paperwork due prior to camp?

No. As long as you have filled out the medical/insurance form during registration in its’ entirety, then you will have no further paperwork during camp. If the camper is going to need specific attention from our medical staff during camps however, please be prepared to meet with our team during check in to advise them of the campers needs, and give them any guidelines.

 What type of medical care will be available at camp?

East Carolina University athletic trainers will be present throughout the duration of every camp. To ensure the safety of our campers, please accurately state any and all ailments and/or conditions when completing the online registration.

 Are the meals accommodating to campers that may have food allergies, vegetarians, etc...?

Not entirely. Some of our meals will be at the Dining Hall on campus, but others may be catered in. Please pack accordingly or contact us promptly to make us aware of allergies, etc, so we can better prepare.