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East Carolina Volleyball
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 What is the ratio of staff to campers?


 During camps, how are teams organized?

Groups during camps are formed based on the skill level of each athlete as well as their age. Each group of 12-15 players is assembled after doing a short evaluation at the beginning of each camp. If you would like to participate on another court.

 Can parents observe the training sessions?

Yes! Parents are welcome to come watch any training session. Parents are especially invited to come watch the last camp session and closing ceremonies.

 Will the camper have access to ice/water at camp?

Yes, water will be available in the gym. Our athletic trainers will be prepared with the necessary equipment and access to ice, however; if you require a daily taping ritual (ankle, finger, wrist, etc) you should plan to bring your own tape.

 What type of clothing do campers need to bring to camp?

Appropriate volleyball/workout clothes, i.e. t-shirts, shorts, kneepads, socks, gym shoes.