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 What are the rules for behavior for Julie Torbett Volleyball camp?

  • Attend each scheduled activity (including meals). Our staff will take attendance at each event. The camp director has the sole authority to excuse participation. Should medical attention be needed, contact our athletic trainer immediately.
  • Our staff should be updated on camper location at all times.
  • Adhere to the all directions from camp staff. Discuss logistics further with your court coach if at first you are unclear.
  • Refer to the camp schedule and arrive on time to all sessions.
  • For the security of your personal belongings and equipment, please label everything. If you are staying overnight, residence hall doors should always be locked. We will not be responsible for lost or missing items.
  • Campers should be in their own rooms by curfew check. Drugs, alcohol, and smoking are strictly forbidden at camp. Refusal to follow these rules, along with general misconduct, constitutes grounds for a dismissal without refund. If there is any damage to dorm rooms, it will be assessed at check out and paid for by the responsible party.

 What should I plan to bring as an overnight camper?

Overnight Campers must bring your own linens, pillows, and sheets. Bed Linens, Pillow, blanket, Backpack, Phone charger, Water bottle, Travel size umbrella (just in case), Extra Cash for Snacks and Camp Store, Hair Ties, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Toiletries, Towel, PJs, Shower Shoes, Volleyball Shoes, Ankle braces (if necessary), Socks (2 per a day recommended), Kneepads, Underwear, Spandex, Gym shorts, Sweatpants, Sports bras, T-shirts, Sweatshirt. Each room will also include a refrigerator and microwave. Campers also sometimes bring appropriate games, cards, mp3 players, snacks and gatorades/powerades to make their stay more comfortable. Your camper should also bring an alarm clock. Please remember that Julie Torbett Volleyball Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

 Can parents come visit their camper in the dorms?

Yes, but with some restrictions and would prefer if you did not. Parents are allowed to come visit their child in the lobby of the dorm during the breaks between sessions. Parents are not allowed on the dorm floors, in camper's rooms, or in the cafeteria. Check-In and Check-Out are the only times that the parents will be allowed to go into the rooms. We have found that parents coming to visit their child at the dorm during camp is one of the leading causes of homesickness. Camp is a time for your child to experience independence and have a great camp experience. We want your daughter to have a positive camp experience and our staff will be there to help if they need to.

 What kind of supervision do the campers receive at the dorm?

There will be 24 HOUR SUPERVISION by trained and professional camp staff members. Staff members will be staying in the dorm in the case that any camper would need assistance. A camp administrator and qualified medical staff member will also be available at all times should a camper need emergency assistance. All staff members have completed a thorough background check and rigorous training in order to be included in the Julie Torbett Volleyball camp staff.

 Can my camper request a roommate?

Yes! In the registration process, you will have the option to enter a roommate request. We will make every effort to honor all roommate requests, but we cannot guarantee that all will be met. In the instance that a camper has requested more than one roommate or multiple campers all request the same roommate, we will make the selection. Requests for blocks of rooms near each other can be requested. Again, we cannot guarantee requests for blocks but will do our best to honor each request. Kelvin Thomas will carefully place roommates together by age and camp attending if your camper does not have a roommate.

 Will laundry facilities be available during camp?

No, please make sure to pack accordingly for the entire camp.

 Will the rooms have phones?

No, the rooms will not have phones and campers are not allowed to plug phones into the Dorm rooms. Campers are allowed to bring cell phones; however, they are only permitted to be used in the camper's rooms and during down time in the camp schedule. Cell phone use is restricted to emergency use only while in the gym, during camp sessions, while the walk to/from the dorms and the gym.

 Will my child be supervised at the dorm?

Yes! Every camper is assigned to a dorm counselor. Campers are required to be in their room by 10:30pm. Our dorm staff will do bed checks every night at 10:15pm. We are very serious about the safety of your child. ECU Housing Services and Public Safety also provide additional security staff that monitors the premises 24 hours/day.

 What if I lose my Housing / Dining card?

Each camper is given a swipe card that serves as an access key to their dorm and meal card registration. There is a $25 fee for a lost card. If a camper loses either of these items, please notify the camp director or court coach immediately. The fee to replace a lost key or meal band can be paid to the camp director. If the camper does not have the money to pay the fee, it will be billed to the parents.

 What if we fly in or arrive a day early and need transportation or lodging?

Airport Shuttle: For campers flying in/out of Greenville, we will provide transportation to and from East Carolina University for a fee of $10 one-way and $20 round-trip. Please get in touch with us by phone or email to set this up.

Additional Lodging: We also offer an additional night stay of $50 per night for campers attending multiple, consecutive sessions. This is an option for the Elite Skills camp to Elite Position.